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Hello there! Thank you for checking me out. You finally landed on my website, and thanks for checking my About page. I know it’s not that fancy, unlike other blogs out there with fancy effects and a gallery of images. Well, I don’t have that obviously. My site Chubbable, offers a minimalist approach when it comes to its design. No bells and whistles, just the most important functions only. Markdown and Bootstrap would be enough and some known plugins.

Primarily, the purpose of this site is to help self-learners like myself, by providing a newbie-friendly tutorials.

I’m a Linux Noob myself – but I’m proud of it. I delve away from Windows and moved to Linux, and been using it as my main OS for almost 3 years now. I’m using Linux Mint on my work machine, I use it as my lab and training ground for anything related to Linux.

Some Bits About Chubbable

I’m Gary… and I’m no Computer Science graduate. My friends call me Chubby because of… guess what? I’m chubby!

I may be chubby, but I’m lovable and friendly. That’s where I got my blog site name.

Chubbable. Chubby + Lovable = Chubbable. I’m a tech and Internet savvy person, music lover and fan. I’m passionate in learning stuffs by myself. I provide my own tech-lab and setup my own test environment. I just love tinkering with tech stuffs like computers, gadgets and software. Since I learn all the stuffs that I’m interested in, on my own, I usually document them and write some notes and screen-shots the procedures while I’m actually doing it. So you’ll expect me to blog about the stuffs that I’ve recently learned, as well as, the stuffs that I’m really good at.

Mostly I will cover topics related to Cloud VPS, Linux, Home Servers, Media Centers PCs, FOSS, and Linux servers. And probably along the way, I’ll cover Windows-based media servers and video encoding guide and tech-tips.

So generally, my site offers a How To and step-by-step guides relating to Linux stuffs, Cloud Virtual Private Servers, and all sort of computer hardware and software. I hope you’ll find my blog useful and beneficial to you. If not, then you may post a suggestion or any commentary you might have. I’m open to all those sort of things.

Chubbable Theme

In case you’re interested about what WordPress Theme this blog uses, it’s called “Knowledge Base” Theme. A free WordPress Theme developed by iPanelThemes.

The instance running on my site is heavily modified, from HTML/CSS to WordPress Codes. I modified it myself. I learned my way around by reading authority sites and QA sites like Stack Overflow and WordPress Development Stack Exchange.

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