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On this category, I post various HowTo articles and setup tutorials for different FOS Sofwares.

During my spare time, I learn how to install everything, from any Linux-based applications to server apps which are intended for Cloud VPS operation. Once learned… I document it, write the guide and post it on this section of the site.

This site also serve as my personal reference site, I tend to forget how I setup something, especially when haven’t used it for a while. So I resort to my own blog post and read my own guide to install an App.

I work as part-time virtual tech assistant on various Freelancing web site and that would mean that I have real-world experience in setting up sever applications or FOSS. This would mean that I’ve handled several Cloud VPS and other Linux-based softwares, in a professional level. And yes, I am a self-taught tech dude as mentioned in my About Chubbable’s page, and I am making small money off of it. I setup and configure servers for production environment, and whatever I learned and experienced from it shall be shared and posted on this Blog.

How To Install uniCenta 4.4.2 On Linuxmint 19 (Mate Edition) or 18.04.1 LTS (Bionic Beaver) Desktop Edition

Feature Image: Installing uniCenta 4 on Linux

Another step-by-step guide on how to install a Point-of-Sale software called uniCenta (v4.4.2), you need; 64-bit supported OS, Java SE Runtime Environment, and the latest version of uniCenta installed. v4.4.2 is the latest version (for x64 OS) at the time of writing this guide. So, on this step-by-step guide, we’ll be using Linux Mint 19…

How to Build Your Own Cloud Storage Server using Nextcloud and Ubuntu

Feature Image - Building Your Own Cloud Storage Server

Once again I made a newbie-friendly and easy-to-follow guide for self-learners like myself. I’m not an expert, but I have enough knowledge to get the job done. So jump on in! This time I made a step-by-step tutorial in building your own cloud store file hosting and sharing service using free and open-source software called…

Ultimate Guide on Remix OS Installation – USB or HDD Based

Screenshot - Remix OS Installed - Desktop View

UPDATED: 08-22-2017 – Here is the ultimate answer to your question on how to install Remix OS. I came up with various methods of installing this beautiful Linux-kernel based Operating System. This includes methods from the official site, along with other methods that some folks aren’t covering yet. You need to be a little tech…

Easily Build Your Own Email Server Using Ubuntu Linux

Another step-by-step guide in building and running your own email server on the cloud using your own domain name. You’ll need Ubuntu Server and “Mailinabox” for this tutorial. You will need to self-host it on a dedicated server or VPS. You can use known VPS providers like DigitalOcean, Vulture or Linode. Take note, you need…

How to Install osTicket on a Virtual Private Server – The Quick and Easy Way


Step-by-step guide for newbies, on osTicket installation (the free help desk software) using Ubuntu Server. You could follow this guide using Linux-based machine or server on your local area network, or on a Cloud VPS hosted by companies like; DigitalOcean, Linode or Vultr. You could also use a virtual machine if you want to.